Department of Public Safety

The University of Pikeville Department of Public Safety is dedicated to providing a safe, protected, and organized environment. The safety of Ƶ students, faculty, staff, and visitors is of primary importance. The University of Pikeville Public Safety Department seeks participation by all members of the University of Pikeville family in its efforts.

As a service organization, the department offers a full range of security resources, including preventative patrols (24 hours), criminal investigations, crime prevention, facilities security, special event services and parking management and enforcement.

Public Safety also serves the university community by providing safety analysis for the campus, hazard inspections and personal escorts. The Public Safety Department strives to ensure the safety of our university family by offering several interactive teaching sessions related to safety and security for students, faculty, and staff.

Overall, the men and women of the University of Pikeville Public Safety Department believe in providing proactive crime prevention and prompt friendly service to the university community.

Our officers represent Ƶ proudly as a group of caring professionals, intent upon enhancing a friendly atmosphere. Necessary enforcement includes using alternatives to arrest when reasonable. Officers participating in athletic and special events ensure that all aspects of planning consider the safety and security of all participants. Officers provide professional crowd control and traffic regulation before, during and after such events.


To provide a safe and secure community conducive to the free exchange of ideas within an academic setting.

To accomplish our mission, we will focus on collaborative partnerships and the provision of professional services in the areas of crime prevention, security, and emergency preparedness.


We are Ƶ STRONG!

STUDENT CENTERED: We serve in dedicated and unwavering support of our students and are responsive to their call.

TRUST: We earn the trust of our community with accountability, integrity, fairness, and consistency.

RESPECT: We model respect toward those in our community and recognize the value of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ideas. 

OPEN-MINDED: We demonstrate empathy, compassion, and an ability to understand the experiences of our community members.

NOBLE: We maintain a high moral standard by serving our community with truth, honor, courage, and dignity.

GIVING: We display generosity by giving and being attentive to the needs of our campus community.